Artist Choice Designs for 2012 - Dot Surprise!

   choose a design!       choose your colors!     choose a candy!      we merge the two!

To Place an Order: Phone: 281. 370.6686 to order 
elegant designs with lots of delicious colors!
make your party a splash of surprising color: lot's of candy to match!  lovely centerpieces! don't see your colors - we will make the design in your colors just for you!

Dot  Couture Surprise - neopolitian

Dot  Couture Surprise - chocolate blueberry

Dot  Couture Surprise - strawberry limeade

Dot Couture Surprise  - cherry berry blast

 Dot Couture Surprise - lemon pineapple crush  

 Dot Couture Surprise  - cotton candy ice

Dot Couture Surprise  - fruit sorbet

 Dot Couture Surprise - kiwi lime

 Dot Couture Surprise - lime orangaid

 Dot Couture Surprise - pink raspberry splash 


 $24.00 complete candy sticks centerpiece

$38.00 complete spiral stick centerpiece