C A N D Y  S T I C K  P A C K A G E S  O N L Y


(add $.10 for faux rhinestone look customer adds to bows)

Easy Assembly: all parts included

$2.50   white satin bow tie bow or color if in stock
$2.65 with color pom and tag -- in stock color

Fully Assembled:

$3.00   white satin bow tie bow (some color bows in stock)
$3.25  color in stock color of pom

Centerpiece for 10 guests - 10 candy sticks, vase with decor, pom bows, topper card or table # card & tags $35.00 minimum 4
(customer puts candy in cello package twist ties on bow and sticks on tag)


Popular In Stock Flavors:

 cherry rainbow: rainbow colors
bubblegum: pink & white
blueberry: blue white
blue raspberry: blue lavender black
cotton candy: turquoise lavender pink





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candy centerpiece

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candy centerpiece


candy centerpiece
candy centerpiece














candy centerpiece


candy centerpiece