Personalized Lollipops 

Exclusive!!   Our delicious  1 1/4"  Lollipops for any event or special occasion

 The Original Idea from
Many yummy flavors..........and so much fun!!
lemon, lime, cherry, grape, orange
Offering 3 new flavors   White Icing Look Lollipops in Sour Cherry, Fruit Punch and Strawberry Flavor...

  Fresh lollipops just made & shipped !
Choose your design !  
   Full Color Design size:  1"     Each Design applied by hand!
Assorted colors in stock - ready to ship immediately !
5 assorted flavors of lollipops per package
or order all white lollipops!
Ask for your color of lollipop - we may have it in inventory!!!

May mix and match generic designs per packages

(design as is on our site no changes or reorders)

 1 package:  $12.50  for 60 lollipops   

    2 packages: $24.00  for 120 lollipops 

            3 packages:  $35.00  for 180 Lollipops       

       4 packages:  $40.00  for 240 Lollipops 

5 or more $10.00 per package (may mix and match) 

(your name, date, logo or event on the label)
   1 package:  $ 50.00 for 60 lollipops   

    2 packages: $ 60.00 for 120 lollipops 

            3 packages:  $70.00 for 180 Lollipops        

       4 packages:  $ 80.00 for 240 Lollipops  


 1/2 Case $135.00  for 500 Lollipops
Full Case  $225.00  for 1000 Lollipops

Want to order all in 1 flavor:

 Add  $10.00 for 1 color Lollipop per case of 1000
Add  $5.00 for 1 color Lollipop per 1/2 Case of 500

(allow 5-7 days extra for all one flavor)
Minimum order for selections below: 1/2 case +
   Other flavors: cherry, lemon,  lime, grape, tangerine,  punch, peach, strawberry/kiwi, punch,
banana, butterscotch, banana, japlapeno and raspberry 
Other lollipop colors and flavors to choose: royal, bubblegum pink, teal, turquoise & swirls

Ordering Custom Lollipops - get your 1" Custom Mini Pin Buttons to match at generic pricing - using the same design

click here for Mini Pin Button prices


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